Medical products for Hospitals, Practices ,Home Health Care and Physiotherapy.
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First Aid Kit - Regulation 7

Model: Regulation 7


Also available in Plastic box and Carry bag.

1 x Antiseptic Solution 100ml

1 x Roll Hypo-Allergenic Paper Tape

100 x  Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm 

10 x Plaster Strips Loose

10 x Sterile Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm (5’s)

4 x First Aid Dressing No. 3

2 x Cottonwool 50g

4 x First Aid Dressing No. 5

1 x Forceps

2 x Green Plastic Interlocking Splints

1 x Scissors

2 x CPR Mouthpiece

10 x Safety Pins

2 x Pairs Gloves Medium

4 x Triangular Bandages

2 x Pairs Gloves Large

4 x Conforming Bandages 75mm

1 x Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm

4 x Conforming Bandages 100mm

2 x Plaster Roll 25mm x 3m (Elastic Adhesive)