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Face Visor

Price: R 18.00

Code: VIS001

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The Face visor is a comfortable lightweight full-face shield that covers your Eyes, Nose and Mouth, reducing the chance of direct exposure.

Fully adjustable to fit all sizes (including kids), the Visor is fully washable and reusable.

It can easily be worn over a medical mask or dust mask for extreme protection. On its own it acts as an excellent barrier to coughing and sneezing or spitting while talking.

The shield was developed in urgent response to the lack of effective and affordable protective gear available.


Manufactured with the following in mind:

– Medical Industry staff who are at the forefront of this challenge

– Retail Cashiers/Till Point operators and front desk staff

– Factory Staff

– Staff handling food

– Drivers

– Anyone unable to maintain proper Social Distancing

– Anyone regularly working and interacting with people during this Health Crisis