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Ultrasound Gel 5Lt

Price: R 132.00

  Alco-Gel Ultrasound Gel can be used by Physiotherapists, Obstetric Gynaecologists, Neurologists, Radiologists etc. Salt and alcohol free, non-corrosive and non-irritant for ultrasonic transmission. Water based viscous gel that has been specially formulated for use with ultrasound transmission apparatus. 


Available in 250ml, 500ml, or 5L containers We can also pack the gel in containers of your choosing

  Alco-Gel Ultrasound Gel   

  • Non-sticky  

  • Slow drying 

  • Water soluble 

Gel in a 5L bag

  • Makes decanting into a smaller bottle easy
  • Strong leak proof bag with convenient twist tap
  • Strong double liner bag ensures no leaking or breaking – even if dropped!!!
  • Easy to transport – a smaller box will be required which means far less chance of damage and lower transport and packaging costs
  • Less waste – you can now easily squeeze out every drop of gel