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EMS Unit ( Muscle stimulator )

Price: R 690.00

On Special: R 630.00

Model: MS-104A

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

MS-104A HAND-HELD MUSCLE STIMULATOR Muscle Stimulation on a Personal Scale

  •  Increase Range of Motion
  •  Reduce or Prevent Muscle Atrophy
  •  Re-education Of Muscles
  •  Increase Local Blood Circulation
  •  Relaxation Of Muscle Spasms
  •  Ideal for Home Use
  •  Portable
  •  Dual Channel
  •  Compact Size


The MS-104A is the answer for the treatment of a wide variety of muscle related problems.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is not a new concept and it has been used for decades  It works by using very weak electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles. The Myotech EMS with its state of the art electronic design, will deliver an output suitable for effective muscular rehabilitation.

The MS-104A EMS puts muscle stimulation all together in a package that is both easy to use and extremely patient friendly. Treatment regimens can be much better facilitated using the MS-104A EMS both at home or at work.


Increase range of motion:Especially useful for those suffering from simple arthritic symptoms or “stiffness” in joints, muscle groups or back areas.

Reduce or prevent atrophy: Increase range of motion and response of muscles restricted from disuse or from atrophy from another cause. E.g.: after surgery or after being in a cast.

Re-education of muscles: Muscle fibres lose their ability to contract if they are not adequately used. By repeating contractions of designated muscles, EMS will re-educate muscle fibres. This is beneficial for orthopaedic patients recovering from being in a cast or a splint, or bed-ridden patients who are unable to maintain their muscles.

Increase local blood circulation:  The "pumping" action of muscles contracting and relaxing improves blood circulation