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TENS Unit, Dual Channel

Price: R 665.00


For Conservative Non-Invasive Pain Management


Many clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of TENS for effective pain relief. For more than 30 years now, TENS has become an established and widely used method of therapy for the treatment of many acute and chronic pain syndromes.

Pain warns the body of injury. Without it, vital parts of the body might be injured without our knowledge. Pain, once diagnosed serves no apparent purpose, especially long lasting or persistent pain. The Com TENS transmits small electrical pulses through the skin to the underlying peripheral nerves to help control this pain. It's easy to use, safe and portable and this makes it a preferred treatment over the long term use of medications, nerve blocks, or surgery for chronic pain


                      VERSATILITY - Delivers effective treatment for many different chronic and acute pain syndromes. Dual channels allow for treatment on two separate painful sites at the same time.


FLEXIBILITY - Choose one of 3 stimulation modes, independent dual channels, and fully adjustable intensity, pulse width and pulse frequency controls. All these features afford the user complete control of their pain management program.


PORTABILITY - Unbelievably it only weighs 130 grams including the battery. It will clip onto a belt or may be hidden inside a pocket and thus allow the user the freedom to treat themselves at work or wherever they may be. The unit is supplied in a hard protective carry case with all its necessary accessories for complete portability.


HOW DOES TENS WORK: Conventional or high frequency TENS is based on the theory that continuous mild electrical activity may block the pain signal travelling to the brain. If the pain signal does not get through to the brain, the pain is not “felt”. Low frequency TENS is based on the theory that short bursts of electrical activity may cause the body to release its own pain relieving substances, called endorphins.


INDICATIONS: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices are used for the symptomatic relief and management of chronic (long term) intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical and post traumatic acute pain problems. Some examples of pain syndromes that may be treated using TENS are :-



     Cervical spondylosis

     Low back pain

     Fibrositis/Myofascial pain syndromes

     Acute sprains/strains e.g. Sports injuries


     Carpal Tunnel syndrome


     Peripheral nerve injuries

     Phantom limb pain

     Post herpetic neuralgia

     Post operative pain

     Spinal cord disorders

     Pain in the terminally ill e.g. Metastasis

     Labour pain