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Ultrasound Scanner CUS9618C II

Model: CUS9618C II



  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Electronic convex/linear array scanning, 80 element, dual sockets
  • 14” SVGA monitor, silicone gel numeric backlight keyboard
  • Reliable      diagnosis software packages of obstetrics, gynaecology, urology and      cardiology, separate report can be printed out by video printers or laser printer
  • 4-sector dynamic focusing, 4 focus points can be operated independently or combined      freely to change the focus position.
  • 8 gamma correction curves, Edge Enhancement, Transitional Frame, Digital      Scanning Control, Image conversions and Image Depth Scroll
  • Dynamic logarithm compress, 8-segment slider TGC control and wave filtering
  • Connectivity with PC or laptop for image transferring through USB ports
  • Up to 500-frame Cineloop memory, 30-image built-in memory