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ECG 1103B

Model: ECG 1103B



  • Simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, type CF safety standard.
  • Selectable four modes of leads: Manual (standard single channel), Auto I (standard      three channel), Auto II (standard single channel plus any rhythm lead) and Auto III (European three channel).
  • Function of ECG parameters measurement and distinguish point printing under automatic mode.
  • LCD display of operation menu, ECG waveform, AMP menu and parameter setting.
  • Powerful filter for AC, EMG and DFT interference.
  • High resolution thermal printer.
  • AC and DC power supply, rechargeable built-in battery, at least 2 hours working time.
  • High resolution and multiple print formats ensure best print quality of ECG      waveforms.
  • Capability of the input & output for analogue signal.
  • Optional : USB interface, net-working capacity.