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Ultrasound Scanner CUS9618F Convex

Model: CUS9618F Convex



  • Application of advanced technology of micro computer, Digital Scanning Converter (DSC), variable aperture, multi-section dynamic focusing, high dynamic, low noise, wide band pre-amplifier, log compression,TGCcontrol, dynamic filtering, edge enhancement and frame correlation etc. to get high resolution and sharp images.
  • Four display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M. Gray scales: 256 grades.
  • The image can be displayed in real time, frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up and down conversed and upgraded in depth in real time.
  • StandardPAL-D and VGA video output, available to access to the large screen monitor, videocassette recorder and video image printer, etc. Optional probes and build-in color coding module.
  • General gain control, near field and far field (T.G.C) control, brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Foldaway keyboard and trackball are equipped to get fast, convenient and flexible operation.
  • The device is portable structured with plastic cover. Switch power is used without working frequency transformer. Various programmable devices andSMTin the device make the device high integrated; small volume and light weighted.
  • The device passed the clinical verification of safety and diagnosis validity. 

Dimension: 353mm X 315mm X 253mm
Weight: Approx.8kg (including probe)

Operation environment:
Humidity: <80%;
Atmospheric pressure: 800hpa~1060pha
Power supply: AC: 160V-260V DC: 50Hz or AC: 90v-120V DC: 60Hz

Application scope:

Abdominal, OB/GYN, bladder, uterus, urology and small parts etc.

Technical specifications:

Scanning mode:  64-element convex array

Probes:  3.5 MHz Electronic convex (standard);

                5.0MHz Electronic convex ; 

                6.5MHz Tans vaginal (Electronic convex),

                5.0MHz Electronic linear,

                7.5MHz Electronic linear (optional).

Display mode:    B,B+B,B+M,M (Under B & B+B mode, upgraded in depth in real time)

Detectable depth:     ≥160mm

Display depth (max):    200mm
Resolution:  Longitudinal ≤2mm (depth≤80mm),

Longitudinal   ≤3mm (80mm<depth≤130mm),

Lateral     l≤3mm (depth≤80mm),

Lateral   ≤4mm (80mm<depth≤130mm),

Dead zone   ≤5mm

Geometrical position error:          Longitudinal     ≤10%, Lateral ≤15%
Zoom:        x1.0, x1.2, x1.5, x2.0
Focus:     4-sectored focusing with variable aperture
Gray scales:        256 grades
Local amplified:      2 times
Monitor:       7 inches CRT
Image reversal:   White-black, up-down, left-right reversal

Body marks: 7 kinds

Display:       Date, patient ID, age, sex, frame correlation

Measurement:    B mode: Distance, Girth, Area, Heart rate, Week of Pregnancy

M mode:     Heart rate, time, EF